Welcome to Basebox documentation!

Basebox is the BISDN controller package for data center networks with the following combinable elements:
  • The BISDN Linux Distribution is a Yocto-based operating system for selected whitebox switches
  • baseboxd is a controller daemon integrating whitebox switches into Linux
  • The CAWR controller (Capability AWare Routing) is an optional shim OpenFlow controller that creates a giant switch abstraction from a set of whitebox switches. It implements multi-path routing and multi-chassis link aggregation
  • OpenStack integration of baseboxd can be done via a Neutron ML2 plugin

Basebox can either run directly on the switch or in a separate controller machine. The solution addresses issues of orchestration, flexibilization, high availability and further automation in various scenarios.

Please find the installation guide, API definitions and additional resources below.

Customer support

If at any point during installation or configuration of your Basebox setup you get stuck or have any questions, please contact our Customer support.

Basebox Fabric: