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OpenFlow Data Path Abstraction
application software component that implements an adaptation layer between OpenFlow and the Broadcom Silicon SDK, see also. baseboxd uses the rofl-common library, available on github.
Netlink is used to transfer information between the kernel and user-space processes. baseboxd relies on the libnl library to interact with this interface.
iproute2 is a Linux project offering network and traffic control utilities. It consists of several tools, as the ip and tc, providing network configuration and traffic control commands, respectively. It replaces the older tools ifconfig, route and bridge, providing more recent tools to interact with kernel networking.
systemd-networkd is a part of systemd specifically targeted to manage network configuration. It can configure network devices with a collection of .network, .link files, usually stored in the /etc/systemd/networkd directory. Using systemd-networkd allows network administrators to have a consistent and permanent network configuration.
FRRouting is a Linux IP routing suite, providing protocol daemons for BGP, OSPF, IS-IS. Forked from Quagga, this project aims to provide an improved and updated routing stack to operators, with support for recent routing protocol extensions, and updated interface for configuration.
Open Network Install Environment
ONIE provides a network operating system install environment for bare-metal switches.