Install ONIE

Check the current ONIE version of your switch by executing the following command in e.g. the ONIE-rescue shell:

onie-sysinfo -v

If your switch has the supported ONIE preinstalled you can skip this part and Install BISDN Linux right away. In the other case you can either install a complete ONIE or upgrade an existing one.

Supported ONIE versions

Only the following ONIE versions are tested and supported. Installation on other versions may not work as expected.

Device Bootloader ONIE version
Delta AG5648 GRUB V1.00
Delta AG7648 GRUB 2017.08.01-V1.12 (Build date 20181109)
Edgecore AS4610-30T/P U-Boot 2016.05.00.041
Edgecore AS4610-54T/P U-Boot 2016.05.00.041
Edgecore AS4630-54PE GRUB 2020.08.00.031
Edgecore AS5835-54X GRUB 2019.08.00.011
Edgecore AS7726-32X GRUB 2017.11.00.051

1 Edgecore support account required

Install ONIE

Prepare a bootable USB device and copy the proper ONIE image to it. One way is to download the .iso file given by the links above. Copy the file to the USB device like in the example below.

This example copies the .iso of the ONIE installer for AG7648 to the USB device on sdb:

sudo dd if=20181109-onie-recovery-x86_64-delta_ag7648-r0.iso of=/dev/sdb bs=10M

NOTE: For installing ONIE on AG5648 platform please follow the instructions on github (see link above).

Attach the USB device to your switch and reboot it. Enter the ONIE boot menu then press c to get into the grub CLI. Enter the following commands to boot from a USB device.

set root=(hd1)
chainloader +1

Then select ONIE: Embed ONIE and the switch is going to install ONIE from the USB device.

Update ONIE

Reboot the switch.

On switches using GRUB bootloader:

Enter the ONIE boot menu then select ONIE: Rescue to get into the ONIE CLI.

On switches using U-Boot bootloader:

Interrupt the U-Boot boot countdown by pressing any key and enter

run onie_rescue

to get into the ONIE CLI.

Download the .bin file given by the links above and put it onto an http server that is reachable by the switch. Start the update via the CLI command onie-self-update as shown in the example below.

onie-self-update -v http://local-http-server/onie-updater

Note: The ONIE CLI command can only process http URLs.

More information about the ONIE CLI command can be found here.