Configure source-MAC learning

Source-MAC learning is enabled by default. It is a feature of L2 bridging. For more information on how a typical switch learns MAC adresses, please refer to this article: transparent bridging.

In case you do not want the switch to learn MAC addresses automatically, e.g. when you want to learn them via a specific controller logic, you may disable this feature.

Note: Packets are generally flooded if no learning mechanism is enabled.

To permanently disable source-MAC learning, edit the file /etc/ofdpa-grpc.conf and add the flag –disable_srcmac_learning to the OPTIONS= line, e.g.


Restart ofdpa-grpc to apply changes.

You can also run the following grpc calls to enable/disable source-MAC learning:

grpc_cli call <IP>:50051 ofdpaSourceMacLearningSet "enable: true"

Read the current state:

grpc_cli call <IP>:50051 ofdpaSourceMacLearningGet ""